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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] isnt there a way so its just wofo forum?

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Hey i was wondering since there is an option to only see buddypress and ultimative member profile! isnt it possible just to use the wpforo forum as the only profile? its just more im sitting with the activity page and there its standing with a big fat title on english and im danish so its annoying as h**l, and i have been using hours now.. ? 
i mean like when im looking at your forum here on the profile page no link to the buddypress profile

Sincerly leif!

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Hi @jacka,

  1. If you don't install BuddyPress /Ultimate Member plugins only wpForo profile will be available.
  2. When you install BuddyPress /Ultimate Member plugins It detects BuddyPress/Ultimate Member installation and adds “Site Profile Tab” on forum member profile page.
  3. If you install the BuddyPress / Ultimate Member and wpForo plugins, and you want to replace the wpForo profile with the BuddyPress / Ultimate user profile page, you need to enable the appropriate one of the following options:
    • Replace Forum Profile with Ultimate Member Profile
    • Replace Forum Profile with BuddyPress Profile