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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Jump to last unseen post

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Hello πŸ™‚

I tried to find it myself, but didn't really find an answer.

When I click on a thread titel in the last posts section, it always jumps to the top of the thread. I can obviously also click on the last post showing up in the overview, but well, then it jumps directly to the last post.

I would love if I would get to the last unseen post when I click on the title of the thread. Is this possible?Β 


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HiΒ mosby,

I'm sorry, but there is not such a feature.Β 

However, started from wpForo 1.5.2. We've added the Read / Unread forum, topics, posts feature with "Mark all read" and "Unread posts" buttons.Β More information here:Β 


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Thanks for the quick reply, that's too bad πŸ™

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I've been getting some users asking for this feature as well. They can click the main topic title and go to the beginning, or click on a recent reply, which is great, but going to the first unseen post would be perfect. Otherwise, they have to remember where they left off and hunt down the new posts.