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[Solved] Like duplicate problem

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In our forum, there are 2040 posts but 93.000 reaction. It is not expected because our average of post like is 3 or 4. The reactions before wpforo 2.0 update are multiplied. Here is a screen capture:

I guess I know the origin of problem. I had installed wpforo v2.0 when it was first published. But, I turned to Wpforo v1.0 again. Then after a month I updated to v2.0 again and saw that old reactions are multiplied. I guess it is due to table differences between two wpforo versions. 

Now could I fix this problem? If it is not possible, can I delete old reactions apart from last one month?



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Yes, this problem is due to the downgrading of the wpForo to 1.x. When the deb has already been updated to 2.x version, you should not downgrade to 1.x.

The solution is to delete all reactions:

1. Execute this SQL in the WordPress database, make sure the wp_tempae prefix matches to your table's prefix, if it doesn't, just change it:

TRUNCATE `wp_wpforo_reactions`


In any case, I'd recommend to backup the wp_wpforo_reactions table.

2. Then use some FTP client and remove the /reaction/ folder located in the /wp-content/uploads/wpforo/cache/item/ directory.


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@robert Thank you. It deleted all reactions.