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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] List of unanswered Questions

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I really love wpforo! Great work, thanks a lot.

I am struggling with the following issue:
I want to have a page where all unanswered
Questions are seen.

That is important to me, because
I have a highly moderated forum
With many moderators and we need
a "pool" of unanswered questions.

Is it possible to do this with a simple

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you @xcalizorz,

At the moment there is only a page where you can see Unread Posts and Recent Posts. But there is not a page for Unanswered Topics.

In the next 1.6.0 version of wpForo we'll add new forum layout called Threaded. It comes with thread sorting and filtering options: Newest | Hottest | Solved | Unanswered . I think this will be a good solution fro you.

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Thanks a lot @Robert!

Is there a sneak peek of the threaded layout?

I'm using the Q and A Layout right now and that layout is a main part of my forum..

Would it be possible to use the threaded layout as a Q&A-Forum?


If not, is it possible to still create a function/filter in PHP to show all unanswered questions/threads?

Thanks a lot again!