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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Login Issue - Only One Of Four Categories Getting Logged Into

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I am a neophyte with a professional agency developing my website.  I want a single login that facilitates Member login as well as customer login for their shopping done from an ecommerce cart embedded on my site via another plugin.  The Log In tab in wpForo Forums as doing that until I directed my web developer to route all log ins through that tab.  After they did so, I have the strangest problem as that log in tab, now, only logs the Member into one of four Forum categories.  As a Member clicks into the other Forum categories, that tab shows as "Log In" rather than "Log Out."  Can you advise on how to fix that problem and/or how best to advise my web developer on achieving my desired end?

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Hi @gandalf,

This is either a https/http protocol issue or cache plugin issue. Please read this support topic attentive and follow all instructions: