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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Members receiving notification emails concerning sub-forums they don't have access to

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Well, simply by selecting "Subscribe to all new topics and posts". in the Subscription Manager. See screenshot in attachment. As you see this user has only access to one Forum "Berichten voor leden" but also receive notifications for other Forums.


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ok thank you, we'll check this again.


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We spend 2 weeks to find such issue but useless. There is no such problem in wpForo. This is a website specific issue for sure. Something is wrong on your website for sure.


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Dear support team,

This week I found same bug again in the notification option. Some members receive notifications from Forums where they don't have access to. They receive a notification that someone put a reply on their post, but the original post was not of them, in fact they don't have access to that Forum. This seems to happen random, only one (or more persons, I'm not sure) are receiving notifications, and not all of the time. I have set up two Forums; one for members (subscriber) and one for the board. It is not intended that members can see messages from and to the board. What can I do to stop this? I'm using the latest version of WPForo 1.8.2

Kind regards and thanks for your help, 

Theo Duncker

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Same thing for me. Every forum has been checked and is OK concerning the access rights.

But nevertheless, I regularly have some members who receive notification emails concerning the private forum used by the board of the association, it's very annoying!

And effectively, it happens randomly, BUT it is always with a member that checked "Subscribe to all new topics and posts".

There must be a bug somewhere, whatever you say...

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