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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Mentioning users in a forum post

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Is there a way to select and mention other users of the forum in a forum post.

Right now you have to remember their username in order to mention them @username however it would be MUCH better if you could type "@" and when you start typing their name a little box appears showing all users with that name so you can select them (the same way Facebook and LinkedIn does). 

Is this possible? Thanks!

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I'm sory but there is no such option. This is a large JS api, it needs to be integrated with TinyMCE editor. We'll add it in future but not in near future releases.

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test @mikez


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Hi Team,


Is this feature added now? Do we have to purchase any kind of addon for this?



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Any chance this will be added any time soon? Without this option, the mention component is pretty much useless as users don't know the usernames of other users.

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