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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Missing Tools Menu

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I upgraded to the latest version of WP-Foro as soon as it was released, but I am just now noticing that the Tools menu appears to be missing. 

I was just going to move a topic from one subforum to another - like I've done in the past, but the Tools menu is no longer appearing. 

Any ideas what I'm missing?

Is anyone else experiencing a missing Tools menu?

Thanks in advance for any help. 


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Hi @thedrawingboard,

If you are admin, go to Dashboard > Forums > Forums admin page, edit forums one by one and make sure your usergroup has "Full Access" for each forum. Then navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forums Accesses Tab, edit the Full Access and make sure the "Can move topic" permission is enabled:

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@robert - Thank you VERY much!

The problem was ME. I created one subforum without changing the access from Standard to Full Access. Your note above helped!

I'd been trying to troubleshoot this on and off for the past several days and couldn't figure it out. Thought maybe it had something to do with the recent upgrade. Turns out - it was me, and user error. 

Thanks again! You rock!