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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] moderation rules don't work

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I am facing an issue. When I setup the moderation rules to "1 post must be approved" (and spam control disable), and "Posts must be manually approuve", users are always under manual approuve after the first one, for topics, posts and answers.

Only the "Can pass moderation" in group setup works

Perhaps I can't understand ; I would like to approuve only the first post. Is there a way to do that ?

Many thanks by advance.


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Hi @cf2d,

As Roberts already mentioned in this topic you should make sure the "Can pass moderation" is enabled for users Usergroups in Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups admin page.

Related topic below:

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Thanks, but as Rik says, all the messages in thread must be approved and not only the first one.

If i well understand, for news users : 

- first post => need to be approved

- all answers in the first post despite approval of it => need to be approved

- second post and others => ok ?


Else the only solution seems to pass moderation for new users ; not a good one to prevent human spam.

I really need to keep control on the first post of new user.


Thanks for your help 🙂