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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Multi Language or WPML Support

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Hi, we are transitioning the site now to English primary and Spanish secondary

Is there a workaround or way to translate the forums or create some forums for Spanish and only display those in the Spanish Page ?  

I can edit the .mo files to translate the rest I think  

WPML in 2018 said this plugin is not compatible, but I thought I read somewhere it was 

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Not related to your question but you have two issues in your site:


1. Press F12 and see the console of your browser for RED issue and fix them

2. This MUST be removed or your wpForo will never work right:

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wpForo is not fully compatible with Multi Lang now, you need to wait until wpForo 2.0 update. Our Dev team is working to make the forums separate by the Language they are set