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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Page jumps down

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Now, I don't know if this is a bug or something else.

These pages are perfectly fine and stay aligned at the top.

  • Forum, posts
  • Members
  • Recent posts

The following pages however seem to have a glitch.

  • My Profile
  • Account
  • Subscription
  • Activity
  • Messages

Although they display well, these pages always "jump" down when first loaded rather than stay aligned at the top.

This only happens at the initial load of the page, afterwards I can scroll through the page no problem.

I create a short video to demonstrate. In it you'll see that

  1. I click on "member" and page loads fine and in proper position.
  2. I click on "account" and page jumps down upon loading so I have to scroll back up.
  3. I click on "subscription" and same thing happens.

Here's the video for it.

Thank you!


PS: Awesome work on this forum. Thank you for it!

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No bug or anything related to wpForo here.

This is a theme's problem. Somebody talented in css from this forum will probably help you out.


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I would think that's the case for the theme, but it's only for some of the forum pages and not all, so I'm not sure where to look with this one. Hopefully someone can help!

Thanks Massimo.

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Hi @scoreclub,

Please try the steps mentioned in this support topic:

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Alright! So it's not a bug in the theme but a feature of WpForo. Good! And I'm glad there is a way to change that.

Thanks for the php fix there, just did it and it worked perfectly.

Like the OP of the link you sent, I also much prefer it this way, without the automatic scrolling down, and perhaps having it as an option.

Thank you for that!