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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Prevent access to the url "community"

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Hello everyone.

We use wpforo on a site with a public part and a private part reserved for members.

Access to the forum is reserved for registered members only and should not be visible to anyone else.

I have several concerns:
- Although I changed "community" to something else it is still functional. If you type it directly in the URL bar you get to the forum part.
- If we access the forums without being authenticated they are not displayed but we see the menu bar and the statistics bar. This means that we can see the list of members with emails etc...

How to solve these two problems please?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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Hi @totor,

1. go to yourdomain/community/, Press Edit Page from your Dashboard Bar(Top of the page), press Edit button for the permalink, change community to what you have changed in Forum base URL.

2. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups, edit the needed usergroup,


  • "Front - Can view statistic",
  • "Front - Can view members" to prevent viewing Members Page,
  • "Front - Can view profiles" to prevent viewing user profiles 
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I'll have to buy new glasses!

Thanks for your answer.

I will leave a glowing review on Wpforo right now. 👍 👍