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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] "Read Only" Permission Is Set Uniformly But Not Working Uniformly

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I have six forums with "Forum Permissions" set to "Read Only" for Guests while two of them are "Read Only" for Registered users.  How can I remedy these two errant conditions:

  • In one forum category having four child forums, all of them having the Guest "Forum Permissions" set to "Read Only," Guests can properly access three of the forums but not the fourth. Why not that one?
  • In another category having one child forum, both Guest and Registered user "Forum Permissions" are set to "Read Only." Logged in Members can properly access it but Guests cannot. Why not?

On background, you had recently helped me to troubleshoot other errant log in conditions that were resolved for Registered users after I had my host (Kinsta) configure their server to bypass caching of my forums page and I set their "Force HTTPS" tool to be "Requested Domain" rather than "Primary Domain."  Additionally, I had created a page rule in Cloudflare to bypass their caching of my forum page.

Thank you, again, for your help.

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Hi @gandalf,

You should create Secondary Usergroups and grant Standard Access for certain sub-forum.

Please read this instruction: