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[Closed] Registration and double opt-in do not work

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I am brand new to the plug-in and am currently trying to set up wpForo in a test installation.

Unfortunately, I can't get the registration including double opt-in for GDPR/DSGVO to work. Instead of an email asking users to confirm their registration, they just get a standard registration email from Wordpress to set their password.

This email contains two web addresses

  1. a URL in the style of
  2. a URL in the style of


After setting the password, users also receive a notice from Wordpress that their account needs to be unlocked first. Although manual approval in the forum registration settings is not turned on at all. The slider there is set to „no“.

Instead of the default Worpress page, shouldn't there be a separate login page from wpForo? And why does the e-mail confirming the registration not arrive?

I'm pretty clueless and would appreciate any support.

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In the meantime, I am one step further. The problem of the wrong login pages apparently came from my security plugin (All In One WP Security). It prevented the correct pages from being called.

However, the registration still doesn't seem to work properly. Now I get the correct registration/login page, but it only comes up with an email with the username and a link to set the password. The privacy email to confirm the registration or activate the account is missing.


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You are using custom Login/Reg fields, not related to wpForo. If you use wpForo Reg, you would get email for profile confirmation with a link that redirects to a field to set new password.