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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Registration form - username

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Vít Hofman
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I'm solving the wpForo registration form.
It's very complicated to choose the right username. wpForo requires too much constraint. It is common in our country to use diacritics (ě š č ř ž ý á í é). But there are other limitations. Length, not allowed characters.

Can this be bypassed? Can I set it so that the user can choose any name and wpForo has automatically converted it to its format? maybe a tip for the next update.



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But wpForo only provides a form for login/registration and nothing else. Doesn't really handle registrations and logins.

All those come from Wordpress or some plugin ?


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Hi @vit-hofman,

yes, Anonymous20 is right,

User registration and account creation is a part of WordPress core. wpForo only provides a registration form. 

Can this be bypassed?

You can try to use some additional plugin like the following one: