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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Remove blog theme's sidebar

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Posted by: Robert


You should use Full Width" or "One Column" page template for forum.


Hi Robert - I know I'm going to palm my forehead when you explain this, but where do I go to do that?

Thank you.

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Yes! I got it and then came back to find your detailed explanation [palm on forehead].

I was looking for a page called 'community' since that is the extension for my forum and then realized the page is 'forum'. Found it, changed the layout to full-width and then added the widgets the wpForo sidebar.

All is working well. 

Thanks gents!

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hello, i have a similar issue  now that I unchecked " turn wordpress into wpforo" I have all that set correct now but my forums are not fullscreen anymore and I do not have the fullscreeen option, I am using Twenty Seventeen them

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I think using a small CSS code may help make it full screen, please leave some URL to allow me write it for you.

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Hi !

I can't put my forum in full size.
When I go to the page forum, the template is only "default" or "home page".


How can I put my forum on full size ? 

Thank you

Forum adress :

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