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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Request help in making the forum appearance more compact (reducing margins, heights, etc.)

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Hi, thanks a lot for this plug-in - we have been using this to manage our AOE2 ladder - and its working great so far.

Most of the replies are short one liners - so I am are trying to see if the forum appearance can be made as compact as possible.

Is it possible to reduce the any (or hopefully, all) of the following:

(i) Post title height
(ii) Margins within post body
(iii) Margins between posts and replies
(iv) Height of the reply/edit bar and the likes bar

Attaching a screenshot highlighting the areas that I am looking to reduce the size of.

I did a search within the forum, but most of the queries seem to be about margins outside/wrapping around the forum rather than within the various elements of the forum layout. 


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Hi @orphanmaker,

I'm sorry but this is disined and work in this way.

However, you can do it yourself, in case if you know CSS.

Please note, that we don't provide support for style customization. We only help with general questions and issues. We can not help you customize all components of your website. These are custom requirements and should be done by website owners. 

Thank you for your understanding.