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Setting up usergroups and remove existing site users

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I am adding a community page to an existing site. The site already has 2400+ subscribers that are displayed on a directory page for professionals. Upon setting up wpForo, those users were synced as community members, but we don't want this. I am looking for advise on how to:

  1. remove these 2400+ users from the community users (while keeping them in their current status)
  2. setting up usergroups so that going forward, new users can separately be added to the community (and the total be reflected correctly) as well as to the professional directory.
  3. I added a "Community Member" userrole, based on Subscriber and added a test user. The test user was correctly added to the Community Member total on the front end. Should I add this usergroup to synch?

Help is much appreciated!

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Hi  @brenda_d 
Firstly, wpForo does not have its own user system; it utilizes the WordPress user system. When a user registers, they register in both WordPress and wpForo. Regarding groups and roles, WordPress has roles, and wpForo has its own user groups.

By default, when no synchronization is enabled, new users will be registered as a member of the default registered user-group in wpForo. You have the option to manually change the user-group within the wpForo dashboard.

However, wpForo provides a way to enable synchronization between WordPress roles and wpForo user-groups. With synchronization enabled, when a user registers in WordPress as an author, subscriber, or another role, the synchronizer will find the appropriate wpForo user-group and set it accordingly.

It's not necessary to add synchronizations for all wpForo user-groups; the synchronized user groups will be matched with the corresponding roles, while the others will remain unchanged and can be manually set from the dashboard as needed.

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Hi @blackraz,

Thanks for getting back to me. I can understand the difference between WP user roles and wpForo usergroups, broadly, but I'm not seeing how to solve my present dilemma.

Referencing my attached pic of usergroups and manually changing, I changed the "Registered Community" usergroup to "Community Member" user role and set the "customer" usergroup as "subscriber". I think this should facilitate new community/forum accounts to be added separate from professionals now being counted in wpForo as customers. Do you agree?

But I'm still not knowing what to do about the existing 2,000+ previously added users that are professional and should not be counted as community/forum members? Please advise.


Thank you.