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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Shortcode and javascript not working on admin note

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I have a problem,

WordPress shortcode and javascript code not working on admin note on Forum > Tools > Misc > Admin Note

You have solution for this?

This is some of informations about my site:

WP version: 5.4

WPForo: 1.7.2

PHP: 7.2

Database: MariaDB 5.7


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Hi @adisaputro,

The admin note, is only designed for text and HTML. You can't use shortcodes and JS codes. There is no an easy way to do that.

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@robert, oh no..I hope in the future release I can able to add shortcode or insert javascript to the admin note because I think this can make admin note more interactive, btw thank for the help 🙂