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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Something is wrong with my wpForo set up

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I am using YOAST SEO to analyse my website. But I find something is wrong with my Forum set up.

Check the screenshot.

The count for outgoing internal links is 154 and internal links is 172.

This might be incorrect because I have nearly 500 topics and more than 800 posts.

Please, help me in this!!!

And my website is PROBLEM SHEET.

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Hi @swarup,

Please ignore that numbers. All numbers are wrong. YOAST SEO only sees the forum home page, nothing else, it has no chance to see and count wpForo forums and topics, because wpForo is not based on custom post types. All Forums and Topics are invisible for YOAST SEO. That's why wpForo has its own SEO system and the YOAST is excluded from all forum and topic pages automatically. If we allow Yoast to manage forum SEO it'll show the same home page title and description for all forums and topics to Search Engines, and your forum seo will be introduced as one page. It'll be SEO disaster for the forum. Just ignore that number. Yoast doesn't work on forum pages, it's excluded by wpForo by SEO. wpForo SEO does a full and complete pack of functions to make your forum SEO friendly.

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Thank you so much. I am relieved by your reply. I appreciate the information you have provided.

SEO is working greatly for my forums. The search appearance is great. I am even able to see my posts from yesterday in today's search (on Google).

Loved it. <3