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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] spam in profiles - stop links

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Posted by: @jasontoth

Is it going into the quick CSS in WPForo?



Paste this code into the file function.php

add_filter('wpforo_before_update_profile_fields', function($profile_fields){
   if( wpfkey($profile_fields, 'signature') ) $profile_fields['signature'] = wpforo_text( html_entity_decode($profile_fields['signature']), 200, false);
   if( wpfkey($profile_fields, 'about') )     $profile_fields['about']     = wpforo_text( html_entity_decode($profile_fields['about']),     200, false);
   return $profile_fields;
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Great! Thank you so much! Two questions:


1. Will the spammers see that they can't do a link when they go to make a new account?

2. What happens with all of the links in the profiles that are already there, will it keep the profile and just strip out the links or will it erase the whole profile?

Thanks so much! Jason


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  1. They can only see the restriction once they submitted their signatures and about-me contents.
  2. This code will only affect new profiles, the old profiles will be striped if the users of the old profile click the [update profile] button,
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Thank you very much. I put this code in and will see if this helps with the people that keep putting random span in the profile section. Thanks. Jason

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