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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Stylesheet is Missing

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We recently got our first registrations and posts in our forum. However, I'm unable to see the posts to moderate and allow them. I go to Moderation in the menu, click a post, and it takes me to a blank page that says "Stylesheet is Missing". 

I've searched for this error, and all I can find is help for when it occurs when installing a plugin. And the help is pretty confusing.

I have just updated WPForo (and all of my other plugins), and that doesn't help at all.

Can someone tell me how I can resolve this error? The only other thing I can think to do is reinstall, but I hate to do that before being able to verify if these posts are legit or if these new users are spammers.


Gina the Admin

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Hi @ginatheadmin,

Could you please deactivate all other plugins and check it again? If it works activate plugins one by one to find a conflict maker plugin. 

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Thanks SO MUCH for replying.

Unfortunately, a while after I left this message the error "spread" to the rest of our site. Nothing will pull up. I ended up having to call our hosting company for support. 

So, yeah... Looks like it's not just WPForo.