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wpForo 1.x.x Topic / Reply visibility Access CAN setting

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I'm trying to work through the initial setup. Must be missing something simple. I want users to be able to 'see' the Forum exists, but not 'see' the details of the Forums topics/replies.

I have created an Access called 'See/No Read' and have enabled ONLY 'can view forum' ('can view topic' and 'can view replies' are NOT enabled),

I set the usergroup with a specific member as the 'See/No Read' access level in the forum.

But for some reason that user is still allowed to see the display of topics in that forum (the user can not click to 'read' them, but can still 'see' them as they are displayed).

Additionally, the user in the usergroup with the Access level that has 'no view topic/ no view replies' access IS able to see the topic from that forum listed in the sidebar widget.

What is the setting I need so a user can 'see' the forum exists, but can not 'see' (or read, of course) the topics/replies in that forum?


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See Forum means see the content of forums. The content of forums are shown when you click on forum, in other words the content of forums is the list of topics. So if user can see forum, then he can click on forum title and open the content with list of topics. The same logic works for Topics and posts. I'm sorry but there is no way to do what you want. We'll take this under consideration and may change the view logic in future releases.

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This is definitely a feature we would like to see as well.