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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Transferred Forum from phpBB to wpForo and now some users have questions/answers?

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I transferred my forum from phpBB and everything went pretty smooth.  I am using the extended layout for all of my forum categories that I precreated before I did the migration, then I manually moved the phpbb forum topics into the appropriate categories.  Now when I look at users profiles, they have statistics for questions & answers.  

Is there somewhere I can clear this information?  How did it get created like this to begin with?  I have ran all the board maintenance things from the dashboard.

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Hi @mayhemkrew,

This SQL, will reset Q&A statistics.

Change the Red Colored wp_ to your prefix.

UPDATE `wp_wpforo_profiles` SET `questions` = 0, `answers` = 0, `comments` = 0