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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Just migrated WP to a new domain... how to change URLs to new site?

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Hi, I recently used the Duplicator plugin to migrate my site, and now the new site has a different url.  I was able to use the better Search and Replace plugin to replace all url in the database to the new url.  All the urls on posts and pages have changed, except for the url's in WPForo, they still point to the old url.  Can you suggest how I could change these?

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Hi R08,

Firs you need to change Forum Base URL in Dashboard > Forums > Settings admin page, just click on the Update Options button and wpForo will update it.

If you want to change links located in posts content you should execute this SQL query:

UPDATE `wp_wpforo_posts` SET `body` = REPLACE (`body`, '', ''); 

If the old site or the new site are under subDirectory you should include the subdirectory too:

UPDATE `wp_wpforo_posts` SET `body` = REPLACE (`body`, '', ''); 


UPDATE `wp_wpforo_posts` SET `body` = REPLACE (`body`, '', ''); 

As you can see, this should be Wordpress installation URL, not just a domain.


Please backup wp_wpforo_posts table before this manipulation.

If your database table prefix is not wp_ , please change it in SQL query.