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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Unsibscribe link in emails not working

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Since last update I noticed the following issue.

I have the "someone has mentioned you" notification set as this

Ciao [mentioned-user-name],
sei stato menzionato nella discussione "[topic-title]" da [author-user-name].

Per vedere la discussione visita: [post-url]

Se non desideri più ricevere notifiche per questa discussione → [unsubscribe_link]

But in the notification that the user receives the unsubscribe link is not working (see

Is this because in the "someone has mentioned you" notification there is not supposed to be an unsubscribe link or is it  a bug?

Thank you

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Hi @nican,

Please see the screenshot. The User Mentioning email template doesn't have [unsubscribe_link] shortcode. Please remove it. The mentioning is not a subscription, there is no unsubscribe link for this action. We'll add a button in user profile page to mute mentioning in future releases.