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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Update issue

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Hi all,

After an upgrade to 1.9.4 this morning, I lose all my color settings.

What should I save before the new upgrade occurs ?

This is very frustrating to spend time to fix colours because I'm able to do it in "theme" option and see all works lost.

Thanks in advance for your answer,


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Please let me know what wpForo version you've updated from?

Have you used any custom CSS?

It should not be lost. Please go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard Tab, click the [Delete All Caches] button. Then delete caches of your cache plugin, go to forum front-end and press Ctrl+F5 to reset browser cache.

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Hello (@Robert) ,

First of all, many thanks answering to my question 😊.

I update from previous version 1.9.3, it's only 3 weeks ago I'm testing wpForo on a local environment before going in production. Just yesterday, I receive a notice about the new upgrade via wp. So I did it with the result I mention earlier.

When I checked the directories, I saw all my custom translation files disappear. Hopefully, I had backups. But for sure, main directory was replaced by a new one, all dates correspond to the upgrade time.

Next about clearing caches, I did that so many times using all options, I can't tell you how many. I even went to my explorer to flush everything related.

You and your team did a so tremendous work that fit my needs, I don't want to search for another forum but understand your logic for translation. In what order should I work knowing that more than 700 phrases are painful to use admin dashboard. It's easier to use a tool like Poedit or an editor for xml.

Using Divi, I search for a forum and found a step by step to use wpforo. That's why I am here with your plugin. I did use it and it work like a charm. Problems is more about French at least with front screen used by member, not admin part.

I am on a MacBook and using Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox as explorer to test all kind of situation.

Everything is update to latest version.

Thanks for reading me and have a good day,