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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] User rôle, wpforo and wordpress don't work together

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On a group of Wpforo called "professionnels de bien-être" i select " users rôle : contributor". 

So all the members of this group of Wpforo should be contributors on wordpress ?? 


But no : If i go see infos members on wordpress, the members on the groups are not contributors. 

Do you know where is the problem please ? 



Thank you

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Please navigate to Forums > Settings > Features admin page and make sure the "Role-Usergroup Synchronization" option is enabled.

Started from wpForo 1.5.0 version forum usergroups are synchronized with WordPress user Roles. The synchronization direction is from User Role to Usergroup. It means if some user Role is changed by some plugin or by website admin the Usergroup of this user will be changed automatically based on Role-Usergroup relation setting in Forums > Usergroups admin page. This helps to make wpForo compatible with the paid membership and other User Role-based access regulator plugins.

Note: The [Synchronize] button changes all users Usergroups according to the users Roles. For example, if you select "Contributor" Role for "Registered" Usergroup, all users with "Contributor" Role will get "Registered" Usergroup in forum.

You can see User Role - Usergroup relationship and synchronization status in User Role table below the Usergroup list on the same Forums > Usergroups admin page:

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Thanks for answer. 

This is not that i want... 

I want the opposit : i would like all member of a group become the same role... Is it possible please ?