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[Solved] Viewing profile without being logged in

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Hey everyone.


When trying to view a forum member profile without being logged in, I'm redirected to login.


However, from what I can see from this community forum, there should be the ability to view a member's profile without being logged in.


Is there any way to allow this? I can't see where the option would be in the dashboard.

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Hi @walesupdates,

It's allowed by default, unless you have some redirection rules or the following permissions are disabled for the Guest usergroup:

  • Front - Can view members
  • Front - Can view profiles

Navigate to wpForo > Usergroups admin page, edit the Guest usergroup and check it.

Also, make sure the Guest Usergroup ID is 4, it's important:

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Thanks @robert! That resolves the issue allowing non-logged in users to view profiles and the members page 🙂

Changed guest ID to 4