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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Weird logged in behaviour

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Hello. I have a forum which is for 'members only'.

I have set all categories and forums to be 'Standard Access' for 'Contributors' and No Access for Subscribers and Guests. I've also added an Admin note in Tools > Misc. This is all working great 🙂


The problem - I'll walk through the steps I'm taking.

1) Go to the forum (URL: mywebsite/forum). I'm seeing my admin note telling me that this is a member only form, and I can't see any of the forums or categories.

2) Click log in (URL: mywebsite/forum/?wpforo=signin). I've provide user name and password, and complete the Captcha.

3) I've logged in and I'm at the forum home (URL: mywebsite/forum). I'm seeing exactly the same as I was in step 1...

4) If I click 'login' again, I'm not asked for user name and password, and I can see the forums and categories(URL: mywebsite/forum/?wpforo=signin)


Please help, this will really confuse my users if I can't fix it !

Thanks 🙂

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Hi @jhl,

This is either, https:// issue or cache plugin conflict.

If you have a cache plugin please exclude the forum page from that cache. Please read the whole information here:

Make sure your website protocol is the same, don't call the forum with http:// protocol if the website protocol is https:// , please read the similar case:

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Brilliant, it's all working now - it was a cache issue. I've excluded mywebsite/forum and it's working great now.


Thanks! 🙂