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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] How to close username?

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How can I turn off usernames everywhere, I don't want other members to see this field. Attachment red circle

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Hi @hayguys0129,

This is not username, this is the nickname. Please don't confuse them. Yes, they are the same right after the registration, because WordPress creates user nickname based on username, but you can change the nickname in My Profile > Account page:

Nicknames are used for user @mentioning and in your profile URL. So again, this is the nickname not username:

https:// hayguys0129/

Please read this post for more information:


In any case, if you still want to disable nicknames and don't allow people to @menation each other, you should put this code in WordPress active theme functions.php file:

function wpforo_disable_user_nicenames( $nicename ){
return '';
add_filter('wpforo_member_nicename', 'wpforo_disable_user_nicenames', 10);

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羅伯特 Thank you very much, this function is very good, but I use Chinese, @ will always be a username, it will not change to Chinese nickname