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[Solved] Change default Nickname

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I would like to change the default nickname. By default the nickname is a construct out of the email address, but this violates against data protection law, since the nickname is visible for everybody of the forum.

In wpforo settings I can only find the option to not display nicknames at all. But then it wouldn't be possible anymore to mention other forum members by nickname.

Is there a solution/setting for that?

Thanks, Daniel

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Nickname is based on username, it's not based on email. If you see such thing, it means user inserted his email as username. In any case, wpForo doesn't have any relation to the default nickname, this is the WordPress core behavior. The user registration is being done by WordPress functions, not by wpForo. wpForo only provides a nice form for submitting user data.

You should find solution for WordPress, not for wpForo:

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Hello @pianist

Posted by: @pianist

By default the nickname is a construct out of the email address

Please specify, I do not understand this 😉


Hello Daniel,

maybe I can support you a bit or you can participate from my current code snippets.

For a closed forum I have developed a plugin (still much beta, but the core function runs properly), which does the following (and it could therefore fit at least in part for you):
- Mails are read from a mailbox (confirmation of a payment transaction) and based on the three read fields "name, first name, mail address" new users are created.

The procedure in detail (just because of the DSGVO and also the privacy of the users):
- From the name and first name the first letter is taken and then with other random characters a display and nickname is created From Marie Schmidt becomes MS_74bfd3
- The login name is created from the first name and surname (but is only visible to admins, because the login is only done by mail address)
- In the forum the user is referenced only by ID in the slug
- The user gets a mail to set his password, is logged in and can change his display name
Since I can not make the change of the nickname 1:1 (in wpForo by addon possible, see ), the user should not fill out two fields, because that generates mistakes, I'm just about to solve this by script: If the user changes his display name, the nickname is taken over 1:1. This is current todo. It is easy to run this via the database using cron. But to do it only and directly on change of course makes more sense.

In the forum only the display name appears. Avatar I do via Letter-Avatar.

About a snippet I let check at the user creation, whether the user already exists (mail address leads to the abort, but identical first name-last name occurs), a _1 is added, I have from here:

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Thank you all very much for your replies!

I see, how I could solve this. But since I use other member plugins, that could be difficult in my case to change the default nickname. So I decided to just deactivate nicknames, so that they doen't show up at all.

Thanks, Daniel