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[Closed] Spammed moderation section

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So I've got my forum flooded with spam and there was just an option to delete the account with all of their comments, but WP just crashed - the user was deleted but the comments stayed. I've had several occurrences of this

Is there any way to delete the 60k comments other than manually? I might actually go insane 

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Hi @oleksiitwenty,

I don't see reCAPTCHA on your registration form. First, please make sure your forum is protected as much as possible. Here are some tips:


You can delete topics and posts in Dashboard > wpForo > Moderation admin page, click the [published] tab to see them. Change the number of items in the top Screen Settings


You can also use SQL commands like:

DELETE FROM `wp_wpforo_posts` WHERE `userid` = X;

DELETE FROM `wp_wpforo_topics` WHERE `userid` = X;

SQLs can be sued in phpMyAdmin plugin or in the same tool of your cPanel.

G to your database, make sure the table prefix is correct, "wp_".

Browse wp_wpforo_posts table and find the spammer userid and replace X in the SQL commands with that userid. Then execute the commands.

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@robert Thanks for the help - previously I was doing it manually using the 1st method that you suggested - Although the maximum number of posts I can have on a page before it crashes when I try to delete them is 200, the maximum is 999.

I'm afraid I'm not educated enough to perform the 2nd method