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[Solved] user Nicename identical with displayname (closed forum)

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Like here:

Very well described, the idea of distinguishing from display name, login name (username) and nicename is an advantage for open forums. For a closed forum with rather forum newbies it has been shown that the "separate" configuration and usage is already causing problems.

Therefore, I would disable editing of the nicename in the user profile through CSS and only let the user set the display name. Accordingly, any change there would then also have to change the Nicename.

Is there already a ready hook for this?

The forum runs closed and registration is only possible by mail address, so there are no security worries by this modification. The display name is automatically generated by a separate plugin from a paid process, so I can create the "default" Nicename as well.

So I just need support how to keep the display name and nickname in sync.

Thanks a lot!

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HI @wp-henne,

You can achieve that using wpForo User Custom Fields Addon, Disabling the Edit option of that field.

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Thank You!