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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Where can I Find Topic IDs?

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I'm trying to use the following shortcode:

[wpforo item=”topic” id=”10″]

– Loads ID = 10 topic page. On this page you can see all posts of the ID=10 Topic.

But I can't find the topic IDs anywhere!

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Please see this screenshot:

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Any other way of getting the topic ID, I have disable RSS feed.

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Hi @psudan,

Could you please specify why it is necessary to get a topic ID? Probably you'd like to use it in the shortcode. If so, you can use topic slug instead of ID:

[wpforo item="topic" id="10"]
[wpforo item="topic" slug="topic-slug > in this case where-can-i-find-topic-ids"]

Otherwise, you'll need to find it in the database.