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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] WPForo bug report on Yoast

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After installing Yoast and  disabled Wordpress on my Wpforo settings page and has made WPForo as a stand alone forum, then I logged in back to Wordpress admin page and tried to run Yoast configuration wizard then I got this error message

A problem occurred when saving the current step, please file a bug report describing what step you are on and which changes you want to make (if any).

What could be the cause?
How do I resolve this?
Could it be that Yoast is not working properly on WPFORO?
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Hi @ikeduru4,

For wpForo, the best option is the built-in wpForo SEO system. If' it already turned on it'll work fine. As far as I see you're using the only wpForo and there are no other pages, so there is no need to install additional SEO plugins. 

wpForo SEO based on main SEO components:

  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Meta Title for forums and topics (and other pages)
  • Auto-generated Meta Description for forums and topics (and other pages)
  • Open Graph and Social Engine SEO tags.
  • Well formatted and SEO friendly content structure.

You can check it for It's being indexed very well, you can see new topics and posts in Google result after 1-2 hours (use time tool in search result).

More info about wpForo SEO:


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Very helpful info
Thanks alot.