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General Settings

Dashboard > Forums > Settings > General Tab. Here you can find options to manage Forum Base URL, Title, Description, Menu location and Language of wpForo built-in Phrase System.

Forum Base URL

This is forum page base URL. By default forum base URL is http://example.com/community/ . You can use this option to:

Forum Title and Description

Forum title is displayed on forum home page. It also appears in forum SEO title and meta data. Forum description is used in forum SEO information.

Dashboard Menu Position

The position in the Dashboard Menu order wpForo should appear.
Use greater than 5 – below Posts, 10 – below Media, 15 – below Links, 20 – below Pages, 25 – below comments, 60 – below first separator, 65 – below Plugins, 70 – below Users, 75 – below Tools, 80 – below Settings, 100 – below second separator.

Forum Language

This option is only related to XML language files. You should upload a translation XML file to have a new language option in this drop-down. If you are using PO/MO translation files you should change WordPress Language in Dashboard > Settings admin page in order to load wpForo with according translation.

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