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Forum Moderators

You can give Moderator privileges to one or more members at any time. Once you give Members Moderator privileges, they will have all permissions to moderate users, topics and posts. However they will not be able to moderate topics and posts made by users who have higher User Role and Usergroup.

Give Moderator Privileges – Frontend

1. Find the User you want to give Moderator privileges in Dashboard > Forums > Member admin page and click on Edit User or on Edit Profile link.  Find Forum Usergroup option and set it Moderator and save.

2. In most of cases this would enough. By default Moderator Usergroup has Moderator Forum Access. with all CAN’s enabled:

  • Can view forum
  • Can create topic
  • Can view topic
  • Can edit topic
  • Can delete topic
  • Can post reply
  • Can view replies
  • Can edit replies
  • Can delete replies
  • Can edit own topic
  • Can edit own replay
  • Can delete own topic
  • Can delete own replay
  • Can make topic sticky
  • Can make topic solved
  • Can make own topic solved
  • Can make topic answered
  • Can make own topic answered
  • Can close topic
  • Can move topic

3. You can customize this list of permissions by editing Moderator Forum Access in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Accesses Tab and uncheck/disable any permission you want.

Accordingly to the list of CAN‘s moderators will have topic and post moderation buttons on forum frontend

Give Moderator Privileges – Dashboard

You can give more accesses and permissions using Moderator Usergroup CAN’s.

Permission to Add/Edit/Delete Forums

  • Dashboard – Can create forum
  • Dashboard – Can edit forum
  • Dashboard – Can delete forum

These CAN’s makes Dashboard > Forums > Forums admin page available for Moderators.

Permission to Edit/Ban/Delete Members

  • Dashboard – Members Menu
  • Dashboard – Can edit member
  • Dashboard – Can ban member
  • Dashboard – Can delete member

Permission to Add/Edit/Delete Usergroup

  • Dashboard – Usergroup Menu

We strongly DON’T recommend grant Moderators access to Usergroup management admin page.