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Settings & Permissions

Permission to Write a Personal Message

wpForo Personal Messages addon integrated with wpForo Usergroup Permission system. You can enable/disable this function for each Usergroup (except Admins and Guests) in Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups admin page:

Addon Settings

wpForo Private Messages addon settings are located in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Addons Tab > Private Messages subTab.

  • Option – Number of Private Messages per load
  • Option – Min number of forum posts user must have to send a PM
  • Option – Maximum number of contacts per day
  • Option – Max number of personal messages per user during one day
  • Option – Max Number of group conversation participants
  • Option – Allow external URL and link in messages
  • Option – Allow Image URLs in messages
  • Option – Allow embedded content in messages

Most of these options are designed to prevent spams. For example if you set “Min number of forum posts user must have to send a PM” option value 5 and a new registered user tries to send PM, he/she will see this screen:

This error message is displayed in any cases if users reach limits or they are not allowed to write a message.

Quick Statistic

You can see Total number of PMs, PM database size and 10 most active PM senders in wpForo > Dashboard admin page.