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Forum Accesses

Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Accesses Tab.

Forum Accesses are different sets of permissions (CAN‘s) designed to help forum admins control (allow/restrict) Users’ actions in each forum.

There are five set of accesses by default:

  1. No access (this access is usually used for Guests usergroup or Banned users)
  2. Read only forum access (usually used for Guests usergroup)
  3. Standard forum access (usually used for Registered usergroup)
  4. Moderator forum access (usually used for Moderators usergroup)
  5. Full forum access (usually used for Admins usergroup)

Each Forum Access has many permissions (CAN‘s). You can add new Forum Access using [Add New Forum Access] button or edit them using Edit link below each Forum Access. In any of these cases you’ll see this screen:

This is the list of all CAN‘s. You can allow or restrict accesses by checking/unchecking according CAN. This set of accesses called as Forum Access. In Forum settings you can attach one of Forum Access to certain Usergroup, thus each usergroup will have different access/permissions in different forums. For example if you want to keep private a forum and only allow Admins to have access you can set No Access to all Usergroups except Admins in add/edit forum page.