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Topic & Post Settings

Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Topics & Posts Tab. Here you can find options to manage number of topics and posts per page on forum front-end and lots of other topic/post front-end management options.


  • Extended Layout – Recent posts
  • Extended Layout – Number of recent posts

These two options come from current active forum theme (Classic) Extended Layout. They are designed to expend/collapse recent posts on topic page and set number of posts for recent post list:

  • Number of Topics per Page
  • Number of Posts per Page

Using these options you can control number of topics per page in Topic List and number of posts per page on Post List page. This is the main option to manage topic and post pagination.

  • Allow Edit Own Topic for X min
  • Allow Delete Own Topic for X min
  • Allow Edit Own Post for X min
  • Allow Delete Own post for X min

These options help to limit edit/delete own topic/post time. You should not allow regular forum users to be able edit/delete their topics and posts whenever they want. There should be a small time-frame for this purpose. And this time-frame can be set usingĀ  the options mentioned above.

  • Maximum upload file size

Very useful option to control users uploaded file sizes. You can not set this value more than “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size”. If you want to increase server parameters please contact to your hosting service support.

  • Attachment click – message for non-permitted users

This message will be displayed when a non-permitted forum member clicks on attached file link in topic and posts.

Using Forum Accesses you can uncheck/restrict “Can View Attachments” permission. And all users whose Usergroup is attached to this Forum Access will not be able view attachments in posts. When they click on attachment link, they’ll be notified with a message like “You are not permitted to view this attachment”. This message can be changed, translated using the option mentioned above.