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Forum Administrators

Forum administrators are the users whose WordPress Role is Administrator and wpForo Usergroup is Admin. These can be set in native WordPress user edit page, as well us on front-end profile-page.

Administrators have full access to all dashboard settings page, to all topic/post/member management tools:

  • Forum Moderation
  • Topic and Post Moderation

Forum admins have options to get notifications:

  • New User Registration (native WordPress function)
  • New Topic is posted
  • New Reply is Posted
  • Topic or Post is Reported

You should insert all admin emails in “Forum Admins email addresses” option (comma separated) to let them get these notifications. Also you can turn on/off any of them (except Post Report).

If you don’t want admins to have a regular user reputation title and badges you can turn of this for Admin Usergroup in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Members Tab.

You can change your profile title in My Profile > Account page on forum front-end.