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Forum Manager

You can manage (add, edit, delete, set order, etc…) forums in Dashboard > Forums > Forums admin page. Here you can see a list of all available Categories, Forums and subForums:

The blue (top/parent) panels are Categories, the red marked grey panels are Forums and the green marked panels are subForums. This hierarchy has no limit, You can have unlimited levels of parent-child forums. Just drag and drop forum panels to set parent-child relationship.

After setting whole forum three, you should click on [Save forums order and hierarchy] located on bottom of this page.



  • If a category (blue panels) does not have forums (grey panels) it will not be displayed on front-end. Each category should contain at least one forum.
  • Forums can be displayed with different layouts (Extended, Simplified, Q&A), just edit the top (blue panels) category and set the layout you want. Child forums’ layout depends on the top category (blue panels) layout. They cannot have a different layout.