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Theme Manager

wpForo has built-in theme API. You can find themes in Dashboard > Forums > Themes admin page. At the moment wpForo comes with one default “Classic” theme.

If you install and activate a new theme, for example “xExample Team”, you’ll see theme management tools.

  • [Activate] Button – Activates theme
  • [Fresh Installation] Button – Activates and reset old configuration to default values (style colors, etc…)
  • [Delete] Button – Deletes theme files and folder from /wpforo/wpf-theme/ directory.

If you re-activate theme, it’ll work with old configurations. wpForo saves all theme settings. If a theme is re-activated you can find [Reset Settings] button, which allows to remove the old/current configuration to default values (style colors, etc…)

Each theme panel displays theme information, such as:

  • Theme Status
  • Screenshot (250x174px)
  • Theme Name | version
  • Theme Author
  • Theme URL
  • Theme Description
  • Number of available Layouts in theme
  • Layout Name | Version | Author | Description