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Forum Moderation

Forum moderation is only available for admins and Usergroups with these enabled permissions (CAN’s):

  • Dashboard – Can create forum
  • Dashboard – Can edit forum
  • Dashboard – Can delete forum

In order to start forum moderation you should navigate in Dashboard to Forums > Forums admin page. Here you can see a list of Category (blue) and Forum (grey) panels. Each forum has add/edit/delete/view buttons.

These panels are drug-able, you can set parent-child relationship and forum orders very easy.

Just don’t forget to click on [Save forums order and hierarchy] button once you finished managing the forum tree.

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Make a Forum Private

For example, if you want to only allow Admins and Moderators Usergroup to have access to a certain forum you should edit this forum and set No Access to other Usergroups (registered, customers, guests).



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