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Emails Settings

Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Emails Tab. This is the control center of all wpForo email notifications.Here you can manage wpForo email headers and contents.


  • FROM Name
  • FROM Email Address

These are the email headers users see when they get email notification from your website. For example:

  • Left side – wpForo Email setting page
  • Right Side – received email headers (From Name/Address)

Tip: If the “From Email” domain doesn’t match website domain name (e.g.: info@gmail.com, but website is example.com) it may tracked as spam and put spam-box. We recommend you to use noreply@yourdomain.com email address.

  • Forum Admins email addresses

Comma separated email addresses of forum administrators to get forum notifications. For example post report messages.

  • Notify Admins via email on new Topic
  • Notify Admins via email on new Post

Send Notification emails to all email addresses (comma separated ) of forum administrators when a new Topic or Reply is created.

  • Subscribe confirmation email subject
  • Subscribe confirmation email message
  • New topic notification email subject
  • New topic notification email message
  • New reply notification email subject
  • New reply notification email message
  • Report message subject
  • Report message body

Using these options you can manage according notification email Subject and Message Body. Please be careful with shortcodes. They are being replaced to current user/topic/post details:

  • [member_name] – User Display Name
  • [entry_title] – Forum or topic title (Subscription Confirmation)
  • [topic_title] – Topic title (New Topic notification)
  • [topic_desc] – Small part of topic’s first post text (New Topic notification)
  • [reply_title] – Reply title (New Reply notification)
  • [reply_desc] – Small part of reply’s text (New Reply notification)
  • [confirm_link] – Subscription confirmation link
  • [unsubscribe_link] – Unsubscribe link
  • [reporter] – Post reporter user Display Name
  • [message] – Report message
  • [post_url] – Reported post URL

Tips – If you don’t receive notification emails:

  1. Before reporting this issue on support forums please make sure your server email sender works well. Make sure you got emails from your WordPress (on registration or on other cases…).
  2. Receiver is the same sender. Make sure the “From Email” (Forums > Settings > Email) is not the same subscriber email.
  3. If the “From Email” domain doesn’t have website domain name (e.g.: info@gmail.com, but website is example.com) it may tracked as spam, you should check in spam box.
  4. Some hosting services, or some Antispam plugins try to cache emails and those are not being sent immediately. You should wait 1-30 min (e.g.: on some GoDaddy hosting plans you receive emails in 45 min).
  5. If you’re using GMail Fetch services, go to Gmail Settings > Accounts and Import and click on “Check mail now” link to load all new comments from website email server.
  6. First email is the Subscription Confirmation Email, you should click on confirmation link and confirm your subscription to certain forum/topic. If you don’t get Subscription confirmation email and don’t confirm it you’ll not get future comments. Sometimes the confirmation email go to spam-box and user don’t check it. You should check in spam-box as well.
  7. Test it as real as possible. You should use new IP, new emails and new accounts. The best way to ask your friend to post a reply with Subscription and Subscription Confirmation. Then reply him.
  8. Make sure you don’t reply to your topic or post.