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Installation Process

Hare are all processes which are going on during wpForo Installation:

  1. wpForo checks your Server MySQL version, selects most compatible SQL queries and executes them in order to create wpForo tables. During this process wpForo creates these tables:
    • wp_wpforo_accesses
    • wp_wpforo_activity
    • wp_wpforo_forums
    • wp_wpforo_languages
    • wp_wpforo_likes
    • wp_wpforo_phrases
    • wp_wpforo_posts
    • wp_wpforo_profiles
    • wp_wpforo_subscribes
    • wp_wpforo_tags
    • wp_wpforo_topics
    • wp_wpforo_usergroups
    • wp_wpforo_views
    • wp_wpforo_votes
  2. After creating these tables, wpForo inserts default values:
    • Demo Category and Demo Forum (in wp_wpforo_forums)
    • Default (English) Language (in wp_wpforo_languages)
    • Front-end Phrases (in wp_wpforo_phrases)
    • Usergroups: Admin, Moderator, Customer, Registered, Guest (in wp_wpforo_usergroups)
    • Forum Accesses (in wp_options)
    • Default Settings (in wp_options)
  3. wpForo scans all existing users in WordPress wp_users table and creates forum profile for each user in wp_wpforo_profiles table. After installation you can see the number of wp_users rows are equal to wp_wpforo_profiles table rows.
  4. After creating all tables and inserting default data, wpForo creates colors.css file in /wp-content/plugins/wpforo/wpf-themes/classic/ directory. This file loads all colors and custom CSS set in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Style admin page. And it’s being changed/rewritten after each color change. All data of this file is also saved in database. When you update wpForo, colors.css is being re-created without loosing configuration made before update. Thus all colors and custom CSS stay intact.
  5. Then it creates Forum page with /community/ slug.
  6. The next step is Menu creation. wpForo menus are regular WordPress menus. wpForo creates “wpForo Navigation” menu in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus admin page. Also it creates all menu items of top menu bar (Forums, Members, My Profile, Activity, Subscriptions, Login, Logout, Register).
  7. Finally wpForo initiates wpForo Sidebar and forum widgets “Recent Topics”, “Recent Posts”, “Forum Search”, “Online Members”. You can find them and configure in Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets admin page.