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User Profile Page

You can manage User Profile Page fields in Dashboard > Forums > Member Fields > Profile Page Tab. Here you can add/remove fields, manage field order and page layout (rows, columns). By default this Profile Page consists of four rows with different number of columns. Profile page is not a form, however it contains profile fields, which can be easily customized using this Profile Page builder tool.

Profile Page Customization

Using this tool you can manage profile page fields and layout.

  • Using [|], [||], [|||] buttons on top left side of each row panel you can set one, two and three column layout for each row individually.
  • Using [+] green button on top right side of row panel you can add a new row in page layout.
  • Drag and drop field panels to set fields sequence (order). Drag and drop row panels to set rows sequence (order).
  • To add a new custom field in form, just drag and drop fields from Inactive Fields area below to User Profile Page area.
  • To create a new custom field, you should navigate to User Fields Manager tab.

Example of custom Profile Page


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