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Rights related to automated decision making including profiling

The GDPR has provisions on automated individual decision-making (making a decision solely by automated means without any human involvement); and profiling (automated processing of personal data to evaluate certain things about an individual). Profiling can be part of an automated decision-making process.

  • The GDPR applies to all automated individual decision-making and profiling.
  • Article 22 of the GDPR has additional rules to protect individuals if you are carrying out solely automated decision-making that has legal or similarly significant effects on them.
  • Forum admin must identify whether any of his/her processing falls under Article 22 and, if so, make sure that you:
    • give individuals information about the processing;
    • introduce simple ways for them to request human intervention or challenge a decision;
    • carry out regular checks to make sure that your systems are working as intended.

If you’ve enabled Facebook Login button on registration page you should also consider to inform users, that this button automatically creates a forum account based on Facebook Login details. wpForo 1.4.8 has a special option for Facebook Login button to make the automatic account creation process comply with the GDPR (Article 22). You can enable this option in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Privacy & Rules admin page:

This option displays an appropriate information and checkbox on registration page above Facebook Login button.

You can change this information and the checkbox label in Dashboard > Forums > Phrases admin page.