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Topic & Post Moderation

All moderation tools of Topics and Posts are available on front end. User’s Usergroup must have a Forum Access with these permissions enabled:

  • Can edit topic
  • Can delete topic
  • Can make topic sticky
  • Can make topic solved
  • Can close topic
  • Can move topic
  • Can edit replies
  • Can delete replies

Topics – First Post Moderation

You should click on topic title and go to topic page to find moderation buttons

  • Solved – Adds solved icon and [solved] prefix to topic
  • Sticky – Makes this topic sticky (It’s always listed on top of topic list)
  • Close – Adds closed icon and doesn’t allows users to post a new reply
  • Move – Allows to move topic to another forum. Opens a pop-up window with target forum selector.
  • Edit – Allows to edit topic’s first post  content
  • Delete – Deletes Topic with all replies permanently (no way to undo)

Reply / Q&A Comment Moderation

  • Edit – Allows to edit replies and Q&A comments  content
  • Delete – Deletes replies and Q&A comments permanently (no way to undo)